Making Moves in Honduras

Guessing how the situation in Honduras gets resolved is a fool’s game. The EU states have recalled their ambassadors. The US has put off any decision on cutting off U.S. aid until Monday and the completion of the OAS mission, presumably to give Zelaya a bargaining chip to bring to the table today when the OAS mission arrives in Honduras. And Jose Miguel Insulza, chief of the OAS, says the mission is not going to negotiate with the Micheletti government (even though they obviously will in some form.)

Meanwhile, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has publicly backed the coup. He recites the normal conservative line about how this military coup was a grand triumph for democracy. Even if you take the suspension of constitutional rights during curfew hours with a grain of salt, given the history of military intervention in Central America, you might want to question what effects a coup can have for a country with young and underdeveloped political institutions. Then again, maybe DeMint understands the undercurrent of skepticism in the region towards this whole democracy thing. On second thought, I highly doubt that.


Making Moves in Honduras

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