Bolivia Food Bloggine: Picante Mixto


Picante Mixto is one of my favorite dishes here in Bolivia. It’s a combination of two different Picante dishes, usually Picante de Pollo, chicken, and Picante de Lengua, cow tongue, in a spicy sauce (as pictured here.) Tongue scares a lot of people, but I really like it. It has a good beef flavor and slightly smooth texture. The spice in the sauce comes from ají, a pepper spice similar to cayenne but made with peppers from Andean region. Here the dish came with boiled potatoes, rice, salad, and chuño, all typical sides. Chuño is a dish of dehydrated, aged potatoes, and reflect the Bolivian love for potatoes. They are typically dried in the sun.

Bolivia Food Bloggine: Picante Mixto

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