Bolivia Food Blogging: Menudito


Menudito is a great dish. My co-worker Sergio brought me to this Chuquisaqueño restaurant to try it out, as it’s one of his favorites. It’s a stew with three types of meat, chicken, beef, and pork, and some very small potatoes and some other veggies. Everything was chopped up real small. This version also had ají which gives the broth that deep red hue and a bit of a spicy kick. It reminded me almost of a gumbo and was delicious.

Sergio explained to me as we ate, that despite being in a Chuquisaqueño restaurant, I would not find menudito in Chuquisaca. It’s a dish that Cochabambinos believe is from Chuquisaca, and so is served in Cocha at Chuquisaqueño restaurants, but is really just a Cochabamba adaptation of a style of stew from Chuquisaca. It doesn’t have to make sense.

In case all this talk of Chuquisaca is confusing you, here’s a map of Bolivia. Cochabamba is the department in the center of the country and Chuquisaca shares a southeast border. The judicial capital of the country, Sucre, is also the capital of the Chuquisaca department.

Bolivia Food Blogging: Menudito

6 thoughts on “Bolivia Food Blogging: Menudito

  1. I thought the same thing till today, but i found out watching a program on the travel chanel that menudito is a mexican dish, from the region of jalisco can any one confirm this fact

    1. llama says:

      Like many Latin dishes, menudito is different from country to country. For many dishes how they prepare them in Mexico is very different from how they do it in Bolivia.

    2. Bubits says:

      Menudito and Menudo are different dishes. In Bolivia Menudito means (very small) and this refers to the size of the different proteins (pork, chicken and beef). On the other hand, Menudo (mexican dish) is made out of cow’s stomach. Completely different dishes and flavors. I love Menudito, but I can’t really eat Menudo at all.

  2. Ann says:

    my my.. I want to do that dish, I was searching for someone to teach me but nobody knows.. is the sucremanta-s secret… come on, cant die with them!.. release the recipe! jeje

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