Bolivia Food Blogging: Apí


Apí is a traditional breakfast drink. It’s made from purple maíz (I didn’t know such a thing existed either) that is liquified with lots of sugar and some cinnamon. It has a thick texture and a sweet taste. A lot of my friends don’t like it, but when done right it’s a pleasant, although not breathtaking, way to start the day.

Bolivia Food Blogging: Apí

2 thoughts on “Bolivia Food Blogging: Apí

  1. I love api!!! In Peru there is something similar: mazamorra morada but it has diced pineapple or apple, cinnamon and cloves, and usually is served cold in the coast (and with arroz con leche), but hot in the Andean regions. But it is a dessert not a drink.

  2. I know that the ornamental “Seneca Indian” corn I planted will have some blue or purple kernels (mixed in with yellow, red, brown and white), but I didn’t know there were any all-blue varieties. I would love to know where one finds such seeds–that stuff would be a kick to grow!

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