Bolivia Food Blogging: Mani


Mani is the word for peanut in Bolivia. It’s also the name of a soup. Unsurprisingly, the soup has a base of peanut puré and usually has some vegetables and potatoes as well. The peanut puré gives the broth it’s cream-like appearance. It’s one of my favorite soups here and doesn’t have an overwhelming peanut flavor. It’s more a vegetable soup with some peanut hints.

Bolivians have a thing for putting french fries in their soups. I don’t really like it and would prefer some regular old chunks of potato instead of french fries. Luckily, in this shot we were in Torotoro, a small town in the country, where they served mani without french fries. It was good.

Bolivia Food Blogging: Mani

3 thoughts on “Bolivia Food Blogging: Mani

    1. llama says:

      You’re probably right, but I’m pretty sure the poor torotoreña women (literally and figuratively) who made it in her house kitchen would insist it is.

  1. I never tried that soup, but I would like with papas fritas, at least in the South of Peru they also serve soups with finely diced fried potatoes. yummy..
    I love this section of your blog.

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