Dissatisfaction with Danielismo in Nicaragua

I’m a bit slow on this story but the L.A. Times has a good article about disappointment among the Sandinista base with Daniel Ortega. From my own anecdotal experience in the country, I can say most Sandinistas are unhappy with Ortega. And they have good reason to be upset.

The article mentions El Pacto. A political agreement in beginning of this decade between Ortega and conservative political forces that brought Ortega back in to power. This might have been pragmatic for political reasons, but showed Ortega was not above cutting a deal to enhance his own position in Nicaraguan politics. Ortega has since consolidated his hold power and become increasingly authoritarian.

Many people today refer to Ortega’s movement as Danielismo. The focus on his political fortunes make him a very different figure than the young man who presided over Nicaragua after the Sandinista revolution. He’s shown he’s just a typical politico, and he has lost his dedication for Sandinismo policies over all other alternatives. In a way, it’s not really surprising.

Dissatisfaction with Danielismo in Nicaragua

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