Last weekend I went with a bunch of people from Sustainable Bolivia to the Torotoro National Park. It’s in the northern part of the Potosí department but only accessible via a cobblestone/dirt road from Cochabamba. The main draws are dinosaur tracks, which are everywhere around the town, and the local caves. In three days, we got in two climbs through the caves, some hiking, a ton of dinosaur tracks and fossils (they’re just sitting on the ground), and a couple of local ghost stories from our Torotoreño (person from Torotoro) guide. It’s hard to explain what’s beautiful about this place and I don’t think the pictures do it justice. There are strange rock hills that puncture the earth on one side of the park, canyons which cut deep scares into rolling open plains, and mountains and hills all around. Throw in a bunch of dinosaur tracks, and some rural campesinos, and you have the Torotoro park.

A beautiful canyon. Around the opening to the left is a waterfall and swimming hole we hiked down to.
Burros (donkeys) with the weird rock hills that lined the one side of the park in the background
Traditional adobe houses
Riding out to a cave on the roof
Pigs strolling down the main street in Torotoro

One thought on “Torotoro!

  1. That one banded hill is proof that the Andes are actually huge folds in the Earth’s surface. Amazing that no one’s tried to make off with the dino footprints, either!

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