The FARC Gets Anti-tank Weapons

It appears that the FARC, the famous guerillas and paramilitaries that control parts of Colombia’s countryside, have obtained AT-4 anti-tank weapons. The weapons were made in Sweden and purchased by the Venezuelan government during the 1980s.

For years, there’s been whispers that Chavez has been supplying the FARC with weapons. These whispers are only going to grow louder. Semana magazine links the AT-4s to two military officers with connections to Chavez. Venezuela denies that it supplied the weapons to the Farc. The political fallout from this all depends on how high up any weapons smuggling corruption goes. I doubt this will damage Chavez’s presidency in anyway, as well. None the less, this won’t help defuse the tensions between Colombia and Venezuela.


Venezuela has recalled their ambassador from Colombia. There’s also some discussion here of how this affects US-Colombian relations, specifically, how this helps move forward the US plans for military bases in Colombia.

The FARC Gets Anti-tank Weapons

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