Bolivia-U.S. Relations

I find it somewhat unnerving how drastic the escalation of reprisals were between the U.S. and Bolivia in late 2008.  The Obama administration brought hope for a change in U.S. policy.  And the Obama administration quickly restored relations with Venezuela, but Bolivian relations languished.  I think the main take-away is that Bolivia is a complete geopolitical backwater, and essentially a non-existent trade partner for the U.S., so the importance of any bilateral business with Bolivia is low on the totem pole.  Venezuela has oil, which increases its strategic importance to the U.S.  This gives Venezuela a greater ability to make things difficult for the U.S., but also gives the U.S. greater incentive to make the relationship work at some level.  Bolivia, in contrast, really does not offer the U.S. much either way.  Although trade with the U.S. is crucial for Bolivia, the reverse is not true; Bolivia is just too small of a country.  Hopefully, this is a sign that the U.S. has the time to give some thought to talking directly to Bolivia again.

Bolivia-U.S. Relations

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