The Random Internet Id

The current political moment from a deranged commentor on the internet:

if they can get someone other than trump or hillary to run i might vote fore that person. in a nutshell trumps gone bankrupt many times and he rips people off with his fake college and stuff but hillary has a terrible history as well first of all she charges people o tona money for giving very short speeches then she does things for the people that paid her the money. there was this whitewater land that they owned and they were losing money on it so they ripped off a bank and made lotsa money but because of that the bank failed and government had to spend money than hillary and bill were selling drugs at this airport in arkansas but theyre lawyer found out about it so they killed him and made it look like he killed himself. then theres the policies that the partys want to impose democrats want to raise taxes tell people what kinda lightbulbs they can use force people to fork over theyre guns andd join a currency with canada and mexico. the republicans are like lets force our religion on people and beat up on gays and let big companies run things NO THANK YOU. so i might vote for this other guy. whatever happened to the french guy who wants to be president?

Don’t go into the comments; it’s unsafe down there.

The Random Internet Id

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