The End of Writing

Facebook believes in the end of the written word:

Facebook is predicting the end of the written word on its platform. . . . “The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video,” Mendelsohn said. “It conveys so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually the trend helps us to digest much more information.”

I frankly just don’t understand this.  Video has terrible information density.  You can read the transcripts of a meeting, conferences, hearing, etc. in a much more rapid fashion than watching it on video.  I am almost certain that you retain more of the information when you read it as well.  The inexorable drive to reinvent every aspect of life simultaneously mystifies and exhausts me.  I do not want to live in a world without writing or reading.  The constant yammering of voices on TV, let alone cable news, gives me a headache and causes my eyes to glaze over.  I find it almost impossible to learn anything other than what passes as the prevailing conventional wisdom.   Words have value: they can quickly convey complex information and ideas, show great emotional depth, and be beautiful.

The End of Writing

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