Armistice Day

It’s November 11th. Veterans Day, or as the rest of the world largely knows it, Armistice Day.

The generations that survived World War I were overshadowed hugely by World War II. They had the best and most productive years of their life stolen by the Great Depression, suffered through another war (after having already fought the war to end all wars), and quietly but busily helped build, maintain, and bequeath the century that their children and especially their grandchildren would loudly declare belonged to them and them alone.

They’re all gone now.  They passed into history during the seventies, eighties, and nineties with barely a whisper, overshadowed by the Greatest Generation.  Some generations seem destined to work tirelessly for decades to improve the world with little recognition or subsequent public gratitude by later generations.  This very year was the centennial of both the Somme and Verdun, and few seem care.

Armistice Day

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