Gotta Maintain Our Reputation


So the FBI arrested a whole bunch of people in New Jersey (my home state) government, including the mayors of Seacaucus and Hoboken, on corruption charges. It seemed for a while that New Jersey had fallen behind in the corruption sweepstakes with Blago in Illinois and refrigerators of money in Louisiana. Good thing we’re at least making an effort.

Two things strike me about this story. First, Mr. Cammarano, the mayor of Hoboken, was sworn in July 1st. He’s now in jail. He’s a contender for the shortest stint at mayor with 22 days in office. Second, at least one person arrested was involved in the trade of organs on the black market:

[O]ne defendant, who became known as the “kidney salesman,” worked to get people to donate kidneys for $10,000, then would look to sell the kidneys for $160,000.


(Photo Credit: Flickr)

Gotta Maintain Our Reputation